Original Star Wars Props


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"You've taken your first step into a larger world."

Welcome to my collection of original screen used and production-made Star Wars Props and Production Material.When I first saw Star Wars my entire life changed forever.Everyone will give you different reasons for how Star Wars affected their life.For myself it opened my eyes and my mind to new horizons.A universe of limitless possibilities.A universe where there was dark and villainous evil opposed by the purity and integrity of a brave few who stood against the tide of a seemingly unshakeable tyranny.

"This is your father's lightsaber.The weapon of a Jedi Knight.Not as clumsy or random as a blaster.An elegant weapon for a more civilised age."

Ultimately I would gain a fair portion of my world view from these magnificent films.I always aspired to be more like my hero Luke Skywalker.There are few enough truly inspirational figures and Luke was always mine and continues to guide me and teach me to this day.I hope to bring these lessons that I have learned about the great value of hope and courage to my children.

I never believed it would be possible to obtain actual pieces of these movies.I collect these props as a way of finding an even deeper connection to the films that have inspired me so throughout my life.There is something tangible and wonderful about being able to have and appreciate anything from the screen or production of the saga.All six films will continue to inspire me to be a better person.My deepest thanks and admiration to one of my mentors-Mr.George Lucas.

My thanks to SimonZ for the homepage image.A link to his great site can be found in my links section.I also want to thank Zoltan for kindly providing me with some more of his great work to help with the redesign of the Episodes I-VI section.

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Please remember to include your email address when contacting me through the form in the BRIEFING ROOM or I will be unable to respond.Several people have contacted me recently and I have been unable to reply due to having no return address and I do not wish people to think I do not want to help or reply as I am always happy to hear from fellow fans and collectors and to help in any way I can.If you wish to join my site for updates and news please fill out the subscription form below.All email addresses will be treated with the utmost privacy.Thanks!


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You may notice a few pages have been taken off such as COMING SOON and BOUNTY LIST and FOR SALE.This is purely due to a trimming down exercise as the bandwidth was becoming excessive for unnecessary pages and I had to do some cleaning.All essentials on the site still remain though!

I hope you enjoy viewing my collection from the films and May The Force Be With You.....Always.

Site update: 23/07/12

New Addition :   EPISODE IV

NOTICE:Please do not submit any requests to cast or mold any of the items in my collection as they will be refused.Only items in the FOR SALE section are for sale.Trade offers may be considered.