Original Star Wars Props


Here you will find my current collection from STAR WARS:EPISODE II:ATTACK OF THE CLONES.
Again Lucas seemed to get a lot of detractors for this part of the saga.I feel it introduced us better to Anakin and established the relationship between the Master and Padawan.Some breathtaking scenes on Geonosis with the clone battle,a great villain in Christopher Lee's Count Dooku (and a nice link with Peter Cushing to ANH as Lee and Cushing will always be linked in my mind thanks to Dracula!) and a totally unforgettable climactic duel where we finally get to see Yoda as the great Jedi Master he was.

NEW ADDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a large section of the generator for Obi-Wan's holding cell during his capture on Geonosis and my first screen-used piece from Episode II.This is one of the strongest scenes during the film when Dooku attempts to turn Obi-Wan and sound him out to see if he can gain his own apprentice to betray Sidious.Obi-Wan naturally is having none of it!
It is a huge and really detailed piece once again showing the effort that the set-makers went to.
"Qui-Gon Jinn would never join you."