Original Star Wars Props


Props from the rightly acclaimed second chapter of the original trilogy where everything just basically falls to pieces for our heroes STAR WARS:EPISODE V:THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.
A hugely daring and different sequel to the high adventure of ANH this film broke new ground with both the characters,the effects and a very bold ending.


This is certainly now one of the absolute centerpieces of my collection.This is the screen-used holoprojector eye from everyone's favourite droid R2-D2!
Pieces from the main characters in the films are incredibly hard to find and R2 is undeniably one of the central roles even though we never understand a word he says.Well we don't understand it in English anyway!R2-D2 is,of course,the only character to appear in all six films unmodified and is one of the most instantly recognisable characters in screen history.This piece is visible and recognisable every time we see R2-D2 on screen in Emprie Strikes Back so this is a real dream piece for me and one that I will always treasure having-an iconic piece from an iconic droid.This piece has been on my radar for over three years and I am so glad to finally have added this to my collection.
A droid with delusions of grandeur.....we salute you sir!
This was something that as a collector of original Star Wars pieces one almost never,ever expects to get the chance to do.
With almost perfect timing within four weeks of my getting this superb piece none other than R2-D2 himself,Mr.Kenny Baker,made his first public appearance and signing session at the second annual Invasion Belfast convention here in Belfast.
So I went along and took the piece and display with me.I was,admitted geek that I am,wracked with nerves at this opportunity!To be able to actually reunite a key Star Wars performer with a piece they prominently used over thirty years ago was not an opportunity I would miss nor one that I did not appreciate how rare it is.
Kenny was kind of speechless that a piece like this turned up at a convention in Belfast of all places!He was a complete gentleman and even despite his recent illnesses was very affable and accomodating to both myself and my children.He signed the backdrop of the display and I got this fantastic picture of Kenny with the eye of the R2 unit he used all those years ago making Empire:

A fantastic moment for me and my sincere thanks to Mr.Baker for being such a gentleman to myself and my family.

I am an avid reader of the STAR WARS INSIDER magazine and after taking the picture with Mr.Baker at Invasion Belfast I thought it might be cool to send it into the Bounty Hunters section of the magazine where fans send the magazine pictures of themselves with Star Wars actors they have met.I did not really think it would go anywhere.Anyway I was really excited and thrilled to find that in January's issue they had printed my email and picture in the section!

As my eldest son is also a regular reader of the magazine he was needless to say tremedously excited at seeing his old man in the magazine!I am so thrilled that such a fantastic moment for me was published in the Insider!