Original Star Wars Props


Well for those of you who are regulars to my site and to my members this message is overdue and to those of you just stumbling upon me now welcome but this is for those of you who wondered what happened to my site over the past while.

I was very ill for some time and had my own particular brush with the dark side in the shape of a perforated stomach ulcer that nearly killed me and left me in hospital after serious surgery and a long,long complicated recovery process that is still ongoing....


I am a lot better now and am in the proces of updating my site with the new additions that have entered my collection and there are some more on the way also.As my site now enters it's third year it remains a hugely pleasantly surprising success as hits and members continue to rise and I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all my friends and fellow collectors who have helped both myself and my family through what has been a very difficult time for us.I wish to personally thank the following people in particular:

Ashley Birkinshaw

Brian Muir

Jason DeBord

Mike Mancini

ALL the great folks at the MPF without whom this site would be either impossible or just completely empty.....

And finally,and by no means least,I would like to thank my wife,Alexis,and my two sons Gabriel and Lucas for pulling me through my own struggle.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy my site and the additions and changes that are to come over the year.Please continue to contact me and drop me messages,questions and suggestions and to those of you who I have been unable to contact over the past six months I hope this in some way helps you understand why and that I was not being rude.

Thank you all once again.

January 2009

And of course..........
May The Force Be With You All!