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Welcome to 2012 at bigbaddaddyvader.com!
With the new year comes my annual thanks list to my friends in the hobby and those I have become friends with and close to and who deserve my thanks!So thanks go to the following great people (some familiar names I suppose!)

Ashley Birkinshaw
Brian Muir
Kevin Rudland
Mike Greene
Jeremy Bulloch
Devin McGinn

Those of you who follow the site on an even erratic basis will no doubt have noticed the lack of activity over the past while.This has been due to two reasons.As with mostly everyone money has caught up to me and I can no longer afford to collect on a regular basis but the main reason has been my health has deteriorated due to my arthritis and I am simply no longer able to be as active on the web as I would like and have drifted away from the original props community slightly.Nonetheless I continue through this site to meet and speak with fellow collectors,crew members and their relatives and interested bystanders!This site continues to be a valuable outlet for me and I am deeply appreciative of the continued support and enthusiasm that my little niche corner of the net provides.
I would just like to add one more thing.After all the drama of the past four years with some very serious health scares I am continually amazed at the ongoing patience and support my wonderful wife gives me and my obsession with Star Wars!We have been together fifteen years this year however it is our first proper anniversary this year as we got married on 29th February 2008 so we only get our anniversary once every four years and this is our first.So Alexis if you are somewhere other than the house looking at this for some bizarre reason I love you and thank you for letting me be myself-however much of a geek and unabashed nerd that may be!This collection and website would absolutely not be possible without her support.
I would like to single out again some of the names in the list above for particular mention they being Ash and Kevin who continue to be great friends and fellow collectors who are more active than I these days.Your friendship is highly valued.
Please continue to visit and enjoy and as always if there is anything I can assist you with in the way of Star Wars props and prop collecting do not hesitate to contact me through the BRIEFING ROOM.



Please feel free to leave any feedback,questions and also to rate my site here.I welcome all feedback and suggestions!