Original Star Wars Props


These are props and production material from the much-maligned and underappreciated STAR WARS:EPISODE I:THE PHANTOM MENACE.
Although certainly flawed in places it is not the disaster many fans would have you believe.There are many great things about it.Admittedly for every great thing there is a disappointment but after a fifteen year wait I feel that was inevitable.


This is a screen-used Rodian costume hand.It is fantastically detailed with the sinews and muscle and suckers!It has been treated and has an internal armature for support along with stuffing so the hand will not lose it's shape and will last for an extended time as latex degrades when not looked after right.Rodians of course have a fantastic Star Wars lineage back to the hapless Greedo lying dead on the Cantina table and is a really recognisable alien from the SW universe.This also represents my first screen-used alien piece which is awesome as the aliens are a huge part of the mythos and mystique of Star Wars.

Production-Made R2-D2 Radar Eye

This is an original,unused,production-made complete radar eye from R2-D2 made for the production of the film.I just can't get enough Artoo pieces so I am really pleased to add this as it also makes a superb companion piece to my screen-used ESB Holoprojector eye.


This is one of the four main thrust control levers from the cockpit of the Republic Cruiser Radiant VII seen at the beginning of the film bringing Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to the Trade Federation battleship.These levers are clearly seen and used during this sequence.This is one of very few remaining pieces of the Radiant set as it was scrapped after filming.I have only seen the two pilot seats which were auctioned recently and this piece remaining.Easily seen on screen in the sequence that brought the Jedi back to the big screen!


This is a screen-used Tusken Raider scarf as worn by one of the Tuskens seen taking potshots at the podracers.The Sandpeople are hugely iconic Star Wars characters so this is a wonderful piece to add to my collection.
"Those Tuskens walk like men but they're vicious,mindless monsters."


This is a production-made though unused R2-D2 miniature.This was finished during production.This are my first original R2 piece so I am thrilled as R2 was always one of my heroes.The droid with no fear and a mouth like a sailor......possibly.